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Setting up Bridge workspace

Damien Symonds

Important notes:

At 3:21 of this video I demonstrated right-clicking to choose a new panel.  Unfortunately (for some incomprehensible reason) Adobe have since removed this function.  I live in hope that they'll bring it back, but at the time of writing this note (early 2023) I remain disappointed.  New panels have to be added by going to the Window panel, as I explained in the write-up.

In better news, Adobe have replaced the slightly ambiguous "New Workspace" menu item with the more sensible "Save as New Workspace".

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Damien, I'm now using my desktop (been using laptop for rest of Raw + Bridge classes) and I've just set up Bridge.  Everything looks good except for when I try to click a number (say 5) to set the rating for images.  Instead of the rating number taking place the yellow box around the image jumps to the next image.  Please tell me where to read about rating images.  Thanks.

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1 minute ago, SWhit said:

Everything looks good except for when I try to click a number (say 5) to set the rating for images.

The next module (about Preferences) should help.  There's a setting about this in Prefs.

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Damien, once I have this set up and time passes and I want to "tweak" My Workspace. Do I have to save it to a new name or will it remember the changes I made to it?

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There's no way to simply save over an existing workspace to update it.  After you've made your tweaks you have to go to "New workspace" again, and make sure you type exactly the same name.  Then it will ask you if you want to replace it.

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Hi Damien, how do I split panel A into two sections? In My Workspace I've somehow set it so I can only ever see panel A as one panel. Your panel has favourites/folder in the top half and filter/metadata below.

Image 17-5-21 at 11.20 am.jpeg

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Hi Damien, Im at the part where i was going to insert the metadata tab next to the filter, and i dont have a way to remove collection or export like shown in your video.  

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 1.43.28 PM.png

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right clicking wasnt working at all for me but i end up creating another collection.  but then i did try to reset the workspace as you said, and i see this.  so perhaps i can just select from there? this is the 2020 version so i realize they are slightly different 




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okay it did, its just not showing as a tab, but it shows in a window on the right. i will keep playing with it but i still like the set up.  the reason for my 2020 version is i hopped on my laptop today which i havent used for about a year.  i also despise updates because last year i had alot of fun new issues when it updated and slowed me down.

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