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  1. I calibrated with a setting of 70, you said don't go lower than that. I guess I will just have to push the shadows and brightness as much as I can, certainly more than I have been. We can talk more next week in the raw class.
  2. I have gotten prints from Bay, Nations, White House, and my local drug store. My screen is not putting as much black in the image as the prints are. I tried to play with the gamma but that changes colors. Is there anything else I can try?
  3. I really want to get into the raw class but not until I get the screen/print issue resolved. Let me get a set from White house
  4. Yeah I read your post, that prompted me to look at nations. Can you look at the original jpeg and tell me if the left side is as dark as what the print shows?https://www.rightmovephoto.com/p993328276/ec3434915
  5. You know, I was wondering about that. I have used Bay photo for years so I thought, maybe I should check with another lab. This image is from Nations photo. I also got a set from the local drug store that is not as dark but still fairly dark.
  6. I bought the elite and recalibrated but I am still fighting the blacks in the images, at least the ones that are shot with a lot of contrast. I would appreciate any suggestions you might can give. I took a crappy cell phone shot of the print so that you can see the difference that I am facing.https://www.rightmovephoto.com/p993328276/ec3434915
  7. No not really. I just accepted that that was the way that it was. I was just hoping for more of a wysiwyg with the prints. I could get the result I want if I increase the shadows slider but don’t know how much to increase without getting a print first.
  8. I have the spyder 5 express. I am happy with the color, but the prints are dark. I don't mean brightness, I mean the black point. On my monitor, the darks show texture but the prints just about wipe it out. Will a better version of Spyder allow me to adjust the black point, 'cause if I need a new calibrator, I would prefer to get it this tax year.
  9. LOL, I turned around and said: "Honey, how many browser tabs do you have open?" She said: "I don't know, 50?" Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. I got the risky part. My wife had tons of crap on her desktop because yeah, its convenient, and she hates to reboot. Still, from time to time she grips about how slow the computer is (3 years old). I was just asking if the mass files on her desktop was contributing to "slow".
  11. Reading through the bridge class I found a reference to Does windows treat the files the same way mac does?
  12. I have a couple of actions that I got so long ago the store is not even open anymore. With each new version of PS, the action behaves a bit differently. I think it does the same thing it did before the new version, it just seems that photoshop processes the command a bit differently. Is there a way to step through the action? That is tell the action to stop after everything it does? (IE open levels layer...stop...change to multiply...stop...)
  13. In a different forum I mentioned that I was practicing cutting out hair for a model extraction and background swap. You hinted that perhaps there was a better, quicker, easier way. I am all for it. What method should be used to background swap?
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