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  1. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    That worked fantastic, thank you!
  2. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    Ok now that we finally got the image correct, how bout those glasses?
  3. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    Yep, heading over there now.
  4. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    Started from scratch, any better?
  5. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    Raw processing is done on this one. That bad, huh?
  6. nikkinisly

    Darkened Glasses - Dad

    Ok, here's the full pic and the 700px. Can you help me with these glasses please?
  7. Am I misremembering or is there a tutorial somewhere to fix dark glasses? I can't find it with a search
  8. Well that is good news! Here's what I see
  9. Ok, Damo. I'm still having issues and I don't know what the problem is. I've checked everything alllll the way through my workstream to ensure everything is in sRGB and I think I still have an issue. When I'm saving files from PS (file save as or export for web), I don't think my files are being assigned the sRGB profile. The other weird thing is when I open JPGs in PS, they're opening in camera raw. I've included a recent example.
  10. Oh I believe you. I just need to go back through and figure out what the hell happened
  11. That screen grab was from the JPG I put here. I'm gonna have to look at this whole process again tomorrow to see where something went wrong. Argh
  12. Untagged? How the heck does that happen? My PSD is sRGB as always. I used the image processor in bridge. Btw I'm an idiot, was looking in Chrome. It looks fine in Firefox and on mobile. When I open the file I shared here, I see it in sRGB
  13. I cannot figure out why the red is washing so far out on this image. I've checked clipping, I'm in sRGB. I'm not sure what else to look for
  14. Thank you! If you want to share the link with anyone, here it is. Good through August 31, upgrade only, and direct from Datacolor https://info.datacolor.com/acton/media/5553/switch-to-spyder5eliteplus?utm_source=Froknows&utm_campaign=NSA-US-IMS-Online-Demand-Gen-Crossgrade-Promo-Froknows-Sponsored-Video-Spots&utm_medium=Online+Demand+Gen