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  1. I may not have gotten my Scale % low enough to completely cover the bar in the photo. Do I re-do?
  2. What about the bright color behind that hair on the right?
  3. What about the little bit to the right and left?
  4. No, I didn't really know where to sample. I will re-do. I "thought" the whole ceiling would match the spot where the backdrop started.
  5. Even after I re-edited, and did the eyedropper thing after masking everything except the ceiling, the ceiling does not match the light wall at the rest of the hair. So frustrating for me and a million times more frustrating for you, I'm sure!
  6. But it doesn't. I will start over from my SOOR.
  7. 1) clicked on layer icon 2) double clicked on white eyedropper 3) selected a color near baby's head 4)OK>No 5) clicked on darker part of backdrop 6) selected mask The tutorial says to start masking. If I mask on the ceiling with the white brush, little to nothing happens. If I mask with the black brush, it darkens the area.
  8. OK, I have the PSD in front of me, both mine and yours. I don't have a clue as to what to do with *that* levels layer.
  9. Oh, sorry, I sent those photos before I read your reply.
  10. I forgot about the original…. SOOC SOOR My levels work: (had a hard time with baby's face)
  11. Oh, man! I thought I had finished my levels work. Is it too yellow? The SOOC was waaaay underexposed, but all I have is the edited DNG. The right side of the photo was really "hot." I have not done levels on the background, but I have on everything else. Suggestions?
  12. I have the eyedropper thing ready. But now what? Is it the Gradient LAYER (Christina says no, but the link provided is for a Gradient LAYER) OR the Gradient TOOL? If it's the Gradient TOOL, then I do not know how to get it onto the Levels layer. I have clicked on the levels mask and tried to draw the line on the photo to have the background color fill in at the top, but it doesn't. The brain is still foggy here.
  13. 12:35 am and I woke up this morning at 4:00 am. I'm going to bed to get up in 5 1/2 hrs to watch my grandkids' swim meet. Thank you, D. and I do know where the donation button is!! I do need more help, though!
  14. OK, done. I'm guessing I click on a the color variances in the backdrop, NOT the wall behind it. AND do I do another levels layer or just the eyedropper thing??
  15. Ok, masked the bright levels layer off of the ceiling. Now the gradient?
  16. Oh, just mask the levels lay off of the dark ceiling and wall where it meets his hair? Sorry, hard to understand from a tiny crop of the whole photo. Let me reverse this.
  17. I have masked the bright levels layer off of the subjects. I cannot get the brownish background to show up. In the screen shot, the black splotch is where I masked the background -- no brown backdrop color.
  18. Sorry, when I turn the levels layer off, the background is dark. When I turn it on, the background is lighter. How do I get mine to do that? When I clicked on a dark part of the background, should I have clicked on THE WALL instead of a darker part of the backdrop?
  19. Yes, the background is getting lighter when I turn the levels layer off.
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