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  1. Thank you very, very much. I will be working on this during commercials of OUR SPURS game!!
  2. You are so talented! I hope I can do the same after I get the screenshot and steps. Afterwards, would I cool (heaven forbid!) his face a bit with a photo filter?
  3. I am seeking help in extending the background behind this baby's hair. I tried it by following the sky replacement tutorial, but when I masked on the hair, the original background came through. If you could point me to a tutorial which would help, I'd be very thankful.
  4. Wow!! You made my day, D! Thank you! Do you think it is canvas-worthy? Would you up the saturation of the sky?
  5. Is this a plausible sky replacement? I wanted to get a photo of the sunset behind the bluebonnets in the field, but I did not wait long enough. On the way out of the area, we pulled over and I took a photo of the actual sunset which I used as the sky replacement. I was using your sky replacement tutorial, but I got lost at: "So in this example I’ve masked on a white Solid Color layer to get rid of the remaining detail." I did not know how you did that, so I used Levels to blow out the sky. I would like this composite to be canvas-worthy, but I'm almost positive it isn't there, yet. I would also like the sunset to have more saturation, but I'm not sure that would be plausible, either.
  6. Thanks, Brian. I could do that. I do have Firefox.
  7. I need to update my Safari browser, but I don't want to update my OS X (Version 10.8.5) because I do not want issues with Photoshop. Is it possible to update Safari by itself? If so, how do I do it?
  8. Yes. Now you are making me concerned. I did prepare it according to your canvas wrap tutorial. Just when do you crop it with the 150ppi?
  9. I am working on a canvas. Just when do I crop it to 16x20 with 150ppi? I did this at the very end with 9 as my Quality. The file is now 1.3 MB. Does this seem large enough for a 16x20 canvas? The pixel dimensions are 2400x3000.
  10. How do you do that? It was perfect!! Thank you!
  11. Could you please help me with the moire on this shirt?
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