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  1. ^^ I am so confused. ^^ So, I select the Gradient Layer by clicking on the black and white circle at the bottom of my right side of the screen? Then adjust angle, scale, check Dither, and uncheck Align with layer?
  2. I see your PSD--been trying to understand the THREE steps since about 8:00 this morning, 15+hrs ago. Why did you give me the gradient tutorial if there is no gradient involved?
  3. When I paint with the black brush, it turns the top of the photo darker.
  4. D, nothing happens when I try #7 with the brush tool. Does this Levels layer need to be under my other levels work?
  5. Yes, the Levels layer is crazy bright. I still don't know whether I should click on a dark part of the backdrop or the dark part of the wall behind it. Thanks for helping. I have downloaded Damien's PSD and am trying to study it. Have fun at your event. Thanks for your patient helpfulness!
  6. Here's what I am doing: 1. Levels layer; 2. Click on levels icon; 3. Double click on white eyedropper; 4. Choose a light part of the background; 5. Choose a dark color from the backdrop**should this be the dark color of the wall behind the backdrop?**; 6. Click on Levels mask; 7. Choose gradient TOOL from the TOOL Bar on left; 8. Draw line on photo with Gradient Tool, but almost NOTHING happens. Where am I going wrong?
  7. Christina, I'm trying to mask the dark area of the photo, but it only darkens it. Do I use Quick mask?
  8. AND I am using the Preventing banding in backdrops tutorial, too.
  9. Yes, that is the tutorial -- Lara and the eyedropper!
  10. OK, Christina, I will click on the levels mask and add the gradient from the tool bar. BUT, how do I get all of the "angle, scale, dither, align with layer" info if I use the gradient tool from the tool bar??? I'm sorry I'm so dense, but the fog is clearing somewhat.
  11. Now, do I start masking off of the levels layer, then the gradient fill layer?
  12. OK, I am getting closer. How do I get the gradient to cover all of the bar across the top? Did I have my degrees wrong when I selected the gradient? Was I supposed to click on the bar for my dark color? I clicked on two different colors on the seamless background paper. I still don't know how to get the gradient ON the levels layer itself instead of on a separate layer.
  13. I saw how the gradient layer was on the levels mask, but HOW do you get it on there?
  14. Oh, my goodness!! I CANNOT get this and I know it is probably simple. Here's what I have so far: I'm really clueless. I think I have the eyedropper figured out. And have watched the video at the end of the gradient layer tute. Sure wish I could get this.
  15. Well, I'm getting closer because I figured out I need to use the gradient by clicking on the black/white circle at the bottom of my layers panel. Now, to figure out how to get the color I need. Right now, I have turned my background to orange. I will continue studying.
  16. I figure that it must be the gradient tool in my tools palette, but I do not get a window that adjusts the degrees or check or uncheck Dither/Align with layer. This is what I see on my gradient:
  17. I have clicked back on the mask, but I just don't understand "I began by using the gradient tool on the mask." Do I click on the gradient tool in my tools palette, or on the gradient under Adjustments? If only one of you Admins were sitting next to me!!
  18. OK, I am *trying* to work through the gradient layer. I am stuck on this part:
  19. There's that dreaded gradient layer again! Thank you! I will work on this in the morning.
  20. Damien, Christina, Samantha, anyone? I need to extend/replace the background at the top of this photo. I do have a photo of the background by itself which is very close to the same tint. I'd like to retain the tiny bit of hair on dad and I know it has to do with File/Place and SmartObject. I've been using the Sky Replacement tutorial, but not having much luck. Any help will be much appreciated.
  21. Thank you, Christina. That helps it not to be so overwhelming. Maybe I will get the PSD back out and try it. I appreciate your time.
  22. No, Samantha, I just ended up cloning over the background. I looked at the link and the link inside the link. Not something this 71-year-old brain could comprehend.
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