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  1. Hi, D, I have a friend who thinks a 12 mb photo isn't big enough to print on a wall. He thinks it should be LARGE--20mb jpg. Where do I find where you said anything 6mb or larger can be printed on an 18-wheeler? I have the cropping guide. I just want to take a screen shot of your explanation of cropping.
  2. Thanks, D! Hope your enjoying your beach time while it's 45* in Texas!!
  3. Could someone please attach the link to help me check to see if my photos I'm getting ready to edit are in the right color space. When I open the photo, in the bottom left corner it says "Adobe RGB (1998) (8bpc). Is that right?
  4. Thanks, D! I guess I needed the watermark on my desktop for it to print with the action. It worked when I finally found it and drug it to the desktop.
  5. Could you send me the directions to how to set up the Watermarking Action? My Action will run, it just won't print my watermark on the photos. Thanks!
  6. I had taken a photo of the backdrop before the session, so I was able to use that instead of the gradient fill, which I don't quite get. Is there a class on that? Here's my solution: Looks like I need to clean up the edges some more.
  7. Thanks, D! OMGosh! The video is so involved. I hope I can do justice to this photo. I have the download, but I wish I had one-eighth of your brain! Are you in the timezone with Brisbane or Perth or another?
  8. All is well with color space, NOW.
  9. Hi, D, I took this photo in JPG. I had sent my camera off to have it repaired and it was set on JPG when it came back and I failed to check that before I started taking photos at this newborn session. Could you point me in the right direction as to how to fill in the background to the camera right of Matt&Baby?
  10. The gentleman in this photo asks me to edit photos for him from time to time. He sent me the RAW image (12+ MB). After my levels work, the PSD file was 89+ MB. When I flatten it, it is right at 6MB. He requests that I "add size to the image" because he is going to crop it. Is there a way to add size to an image?
  11. I am trying to recalibrate my monitor, but want to see if there are new software downloads. I have gone to the X-Rite site, but I cannot find the software downloads. Could you/someone point me in the right direction?
  12. OK, thank you--will work on the fountain patiently. So I should not go higher than 70% opacity on the sky? I do not have any sunset skies in my repertoire (is that the right word?). Unfortunately, the clouds all dissipated before the sun set.
  13. OK, I lowered the opacity of the sky to 70%. Still too strong? The orange around the trees seems too strong.
  14. Is there an easy way to mask the sunset replacement off of the spraying water from the fountain? When I get outside the water with my masking and try to correct, the sky seems to be a different color.
  15. OK, just wondered about the orange around and in the trees. Will replace with another sunset photo.
  16. Yes, I used that to replace the sky in another of the photos in this series. Are you saying that that is my best choice? I'm not sure about using an all white fill layer if the sky isn't completely blown out. Does this sky look blown-out enough?
  17. The mom in this photo asked if I could put a "good sky -- perhaps a sunset" behind them. The sun was setting behind them, but there were no clouds in the sky. I do have a sunset replacement sky I took a couple of days ago but also no clouds. Would it be better/easier to replace the sky or underexpose and put that image on top of the exposed image and mask off of the people?
  18. Thanks, Brian. I have a couple of sessions to edit for clients, then I will upgrade and see what people have been complaining about!
  19. Just double checking. I need to work with some ORF images and my version of Camera Raw/Bridge doesn't support them. I cannot download Adobe DNG Converter until I update my OS to OS X 10.9 or later. I am currently on OS X 10.8.5. Is there some other way to be able to work with these Olympus RAW images?
  20. Well, I lowered the Scale % from 73 to 63 and that seems to have done the trick.
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