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  1. Very weird. The black eyedropper just isn't working. The white one does exactly what it should.
  2. Yes black is what I want, it wasn't doing that. I'll try luminosity when I am back home, thanks.
  3. Yes, that's fab. What did you do? Shouldn't the black eyedropper turn that area black rather than just changing the colour?
  4. Hi Damo. I thought to make the bricks black, I could use the black eyedropper in levels, but all that does is change the colour of the image. How can I make it black, and preserve the colour and brightness of the hair? 100% crop
  5. Do you mean that some of the colour photos that you're exporting will also be edited in B&W? Or different ones that you're not providing in colour?
  6. Thanks. I just tried it, and realised it is impossible haha!
  7. Hi Damo, I am guessing there is no magic answer for this one, but is there a way other than painstakingly masking to change the background from grey to white? Thankfully the client has these photos and wanted the grey, I am just having a play with an ad where a white BG would be handy. Thanks Kim 100% crop
  8. No worries Damo, it's just a random thing that happens sometimes. They are on my internal drive.
  9. When I have been working for a while in Bridge, I often get the error message show below. It appears to happen if I insert photos into an external program (eg into emails, uploading to web etc). Is there any way around this, that you know of, instead of having to shut down Bridge and PS, and restart? Thanks Kim I have a PC desktop running Windows 10 and Photoshop CS5. It is over 2 years old, and has 32GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 759GB free out of 2720GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I rarely run a cleanup program.
  10. Came out OK I reckon. Thanks heaps for your help, I learned a bit from that, and learned what I need to learn lol.
  11. Sorry Damo, doing ten things at once and school hols, will post it here soon.
  12. I really need to spend some time learning about channel mixer, I think, it still baffles me somewhat. Thanks, will have a go myself shortly, and post the finished pic.
  13. Awesome, thanks so much, I appreciate the time and expertise you put into helping us!
  14. That's great, much better than what I came up with!
  15. Ahh, I see. I just opened the file without the profile embedded, and see the #. Here are the 100% crops (1200px instead of 700)
  16. EEK! Thank you, I didn't know that was unchecked, I hate to think how many images I may have uploaded without it checked. How did you know?
  17. Hi Damo. Another one where I am playing with a background. I have tried a few methods but am finding it hard to get an acceptable result. Any ideas? (100% crop attached, background as shot is grey, new one is varying shades of brown).
  18. Thanks Damo, you have a really good knack for doing that. I post, then I figure it out. Sorted, haha!
  19. Hi Damo, how can I bring the green colour down behind the hair?
  20. No, this is without my adjustments. Thanks for that, I will carry on using those methods.
  21. Hi Damo. I have a few images similar to this, where I want the baby's balls to look more like the colour/brightness of the adjacent skin so as not to be so obvious. I have managed to get close with levels and playing with selective colour, but I figure this is a good question for the expert if you can help, please.
  22. I struggled with this for years, and I *like* spending time on photos I like. But when you have large volumes, like Damien said, it's simply not feasible. So when shooting a wedding, the vast majority of mine only get a raw edit, but anything that is likely to end up on a wall gets a spruce up in PS. For portraits, I spend more time on them, but I do try to stick to the basics of raw and levels where I can, and more recently skin after having done the Skin Class. I guess on average it would be around 5 mins per photo, if there is nothing tricky like extending the floor or doing a head swap. But sometimes I like to play and it's a lot longer - but that's for personal satisfaction, not that of the client. I generally do all the raws first, then the PS edits.
  23. Can you please post in the sharpening class with your sharpening settings, print size including res, and a 100% crop of what you sent to print?
  24. Aha, thank you! Much better than what the / key shows me lol!
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