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  1. Hi Damo. It's really weird, but on that second PSD, the photo filter layer and the second hue/sat layer don't do anything when I opened them (CS5). ie nothing if I toggle them on and off, and no change if I change the sliders either. Any idea why?
  2. OK, the lighting setup looks pretty simple. One strobe camera left, the other on lower power camera right, both higher than the subjects (with softboxes or umbrellas). For the ones where the kids are looking into the Santa sack, there appears to be a light in the sack, as you can see it is "uplighting" them (see the light underneath their noses, instead of on top).
  3. Ah sorry, I missed the link Damo posted. Wow, a lot of editing has happened with those images, but I am guessing you have already talked to Damo about that. There looks to be a couple of different lighting scenarios here, will be back shortly after having a proper look.
  4. What sort of look are you wanting Nunubaby? Do you have any examples?
  5. Awesome thank you, will give it a go. I tried handyman on its own, but it wasn't that great.
  6. Hi Damo. Could I please have some of your magic to fix the wet bits on her top? Cheers Kim (100% crop)
  7. I agree with Christina and Brian, it's just a depth of field issue, relating to aperture, and distance from your subject.
  8. Sorry Damo, I have been awol. Here is the sky. Looking at it, it's really boring, but still useful to learn.
  9. Hi Damo. This image has plenty of detail in the sky that I can bring out. Is there an easy way to mask it in around the trees? I have tried various blend modes to no avail, but I am still hoping there is a way that would be easier than having patience and pixel peeping. Image is SOOR.
  10. How did you get on, Lindsay?
  11. How did you get on Kell, can we see a 100% crop?
  12. How did you get on Nikki, do you have a raw edit to show us?
  13. Perhaps instead you could use the bottom photo of the baby, rotate the baby, and add in the material that you have in the top shot (and change the wrap in the bottom one to white), so you still have two different looking shots?
  14. I'd love to see a bit more room around them, instead of it being cropped in so tightly to the sides. I would also blend in that bit of backdrop where it changes from dark to light towards the left.
  15. If you were in the old raw class on Facebook, you are automatically in the deluxe class here.
  16. In this situation, I would "place" the image with the background over the portrait. I would move it so the wall goes to the left hand edge of the frame. Then add a layer mask, invert it, and get in nice and close (100%) to carefully mask around the left hand person. No quick fix unfortunately.
  17. Ideally you don't want stray light hitting the screen. It *should* be OK with some ambient light, but to be safe, turn them off. All this sort of info is in Damien's calibration instructions. I suggest following them as it makes things a lot easier. http://www.damiensymonds.net/calibration.html
  18. I retouch photos for others, and am just sorting my website now. Brian and the others have some really good points, particularly re what I call the "rote editing" - the bulk stuff which photographers can pay next to nothing for elsewhere (I personally don't do this sort of editing, and I charge in 5 minute blocks for the "tricky edits" and retouching that I do). If he goes ahead with it, I wouldn't be expecting an income of any significance for a couple of years absolute minimum. But it depends what you want to achieve and how many hours you are prepared to spend sitting on your behind, and for what amount of money.
  19. When it gets to that point in the action, is there anything that is actually selected in the image, ie do you see the "handles and lines" on the image ready to be warped?
  20. Can you please post a screenshot of your action with all the steps?
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