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This weekend we're celebrating Lara's parents' golden wedding anniversary.  I'll turn off posting in the classes from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon Aussie time (roughly late Thursday night to late Saturday night in the USA).  If you have important photos please post them before then.

While I'm away you can still access the classes to read them, of course, and Ask Damien and Ask Brian will still be operating as usual, but answers will be somewhat delayed.

Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. Perspective Issue

    Hi Damien - Got back to this one tonight. I think I got the perspective correct but didn't use skew because this looked right to me. Do you think this needs skew? Admittedly, I have not dabbled a ton with perspective tools, so this has been a learning experience. Thanks! -Kris
  2. Perspective Issue

    Bah! I gave up and trashed my edit earlier before I posted. I'll try again and post my progress for your guidance. My wife needs our computer for a bit tonight for work, so if I cannot post something tonight, I for sure will tomorrow.
  3. Perspective Issue

    Hi Damien - I read up on your article on perspective corrections and am just having a heck of a time fixing this image. The building has a lot of vertical lines that I am trying to align to a grid so that all of the vertical sides of the windows and building match up to the vertical gridlines. I also drew a line on a new layer from the left edge of the roof to the right edge of the roof and noticed the whole image is bowed like a "U". I think I understand how I would pull the image if it were in front of me in the format of play dough... but I am not sure how to achieve my desired result in photoshop. Haha. Thanks! -Kris
  4. Say hello!

    Hello all! I've been posting lately, but thought I would finally introduce myself. My name is Kris and I am from Kansas City. About 20 years ago I was into B&W film photography (in high school). I loved it. About 7 or 8 years ago I bought my dSLR to have a "nice" camera. I had intentions of "getting into it" back when I purchased the camera, but life always found a way to get in the way. Fast forward to November 11th my wife and I had our baby girl. I got six weeks off work in paternity leave. I spent the entire time my baby was sleeping by reading and learning everything I could about Lightroom (I know - I see the light now... ACR all the way! You got me.). Eventually, I was referred to Damien's courses after posting a photo in a photography facebook group (thank you Sue Morris if you are reading this!). So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing. I've grown so much in the past two'ish months and I know after I take levels (and eventually the skin and the sharpening classes) I will have a great foundation. So thank you first to Sue for guiding me here. And, second, thank you Damien for such thorough classes and honest feedback! Lastly, I am a huge Royals (major league baseball) and Jayhawks (college basketball / football) fan. Hence my username. -Kris