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I took a landscape picture of our property with my cell phone and would like to print in canvas. Where I want to hang it would require a bigger size canvas. (30x40) Naturally, I would hate to spend that amount of money and it NOT look that great printed BECAUSE it IS a cell picture. 

I do not mind that it would not tack sharp and "client" quality, but I do not it to be pixelated to hell like you would see on some wall displays in public places.

When I pull the jpeg up into PS the only file info that shows is:  IMAGE SIZE 960x720  RESOLUTION 1.00 1


I just would really like to know if I should just pitch my wish of printing this picture?


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No, the file you're looking at has been uploaded to Facebook at some stage.  Find the original, it'll be much bigger than that.

(I know it's been on Facebook, because instead of the usual sRGB profile, it's carrying the weird Facebook "C2" profile.)

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okay.  Then I might have deleted the original. I really thought this was the one.  It's really no big deal cause I can always wait to take another picture with my camera.  Thank you so much though for telling me that was a picture I saved from FB at a later date.

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