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Photoshop Editing


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Say you had a photo you took and did clean process editing in Camera Raw and took it in to photoshop. Lets say the photo was of two girls and they had blemishes and buts needed to be cleaned up with the healing, clone stamp tools. To do this would you duplicate the background layer or would you create a new layer and select current and below and fix it that way. Think i have read an article on this but can't find it. In the agency i worked in the designers duplicated the background layer and did all the clone stamp, healing, spot healing etc on a duplicate layer of the background is this the "right" way? An questioning everything I was taught there and badgering you sorry!

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If I know I'll be using the Patch Tool, I'll do it on a duplicate layer, because it doesn't work on a blank layer (at least, not in my version).

If it's only going to be a small area of cloning, I'll usually do it on a blank layer.

There's no rule about it.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.  Obviously duplicating the layer makes your file much bigger.

A couple of things to read, here and here, if relevant.

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