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sharpening for a slide show

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Sorry if this has been covered I tried the search and didn't get anywhere so maybe I'm not using the correct keywords to search with.  I'm trying to figure out how to sharpen images that I will submit to be used in a slide show for my daughters dance banquet.   It will be projected onto a a pretty big screen.   I seen the pixels wide suggestion for a projector and will use that info but I'm not sure where to go with my sharpening.  Should I follow the sharpening for web guidelines?  

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The sharpening was fine however the place we used there equipment was shit! Sorry but it was they made us use there stuff and the color calibration was off on the projector or the cord they connectected the laptop to the projector was shot.  But all bright pink/magenta dropped out of the image and was blue. But they were sharp if that counts ??? 

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