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Bridge adjusting brightness of preview

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This is something thats been happening for a little while and bugs me a bit...
When viewing my raws in bridge if I zoom in to check focus the preview of the image is being auto brightness adjusted, it's not the actual file but it is annoying me when I'm culling.
Is there something I've accidentally turned on in the settings?



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Even when I open the images on here that I posted above and flick between the two I can see the difference in the backdrop brightness.  
It's the photo as a whole not just the zoomed in window, it's just that thats when it happens, even if I move on to another image and come back it remains that way.
Sorry I hope thats making sense! 

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well that was an easy fix!!

Thank you!!

And in just as good news I have enough posts now to join the skin class!! :)

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