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X-Rite i1 Display Pro

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Hi Damien!

So I just switched to a new print lab. It is a local lab at a camera store. I went and picked up some prints from them today and decided I was way over do to re-calibrate. 

So I went through your instructions. My on screen display options were warm, medium, cool and a custom option. The custom option gave me the closest match to 6500 K so I went with that. Well once I finished the process, I compared my prints and they were darker/duller then the screen. It wasn't I guess a drastic difference but enough that I noticed. So I continued to read on and noticed you said to go for a lower white luminance target. So I tried 90, still wasn't quite there matching the print, well I thought I would try 80. I measured 87 (as I couldn't go any lower my brightness was at 0) and I achieved 81. I still feel that my prints are darker/duller but I am unsure where to go from here. 

My achieved white point was at 6663 K



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That is quite helpful. I couldn't believe how bright these things were. I calibrated with the room lights on. My RGB settings were at 50, I didn't mess with those. Should I take them lower?

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