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READ THIS FIRST - Posting guidelines and featured threads

Damien Symonds

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This forum is my raison d'être.  The kinds of questions that you can never google for, no matter how many key words you try.  I'm a very skilled editor, and I hope I can help you with your troublesome pixels.

  1. One question per post, please. If you have more than one question to ask, please ask them in separate posts.  
  2. No posting for constructive criticism:  This is not the place to post a general question like "how does this look?"  My team and I will routinely delete these kinds of posts.  Only post if you have a specific question.
  3. It's vital, in all workflows, that raw processing is completely done before any Photoshop work commences.  So if your question pertains to a Photoshop edit, please make sure you have done your raw processing first.
  4. Make sure you provide enough information for me to help you:
    • Remember to include your image in your post  (Yes, people do forget this!)
    • It may be useful to include the straight-out-of-raw (SOOR) image as well
    • If there is a specific part of the photo you need help with, upload a closeup of that area.  Instructions on how to do that are on my site here.
  5. Lastly, there will inevitably be questions which I must decline to answer because they coincide directly with my classes.  These will generally be questions regarding clean processing.  I give away a lot of information, time and expertise for free, but I am also trying to make a living and support my family.  Thank you for your understanding.

Over time, I will add links here to recent threads that might interest you.  I recommend visiting this post at least once a month, to see what's been happening lately.

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