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Correcting Jaundice Newborn


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Hi Jenny, as Anna-Lena said, it would be handy to see your SOOR, if you don't mind.

However, in general terms I can tell you that even though we think of jaundice as "yellow", in technical terms it's actually rather closer to green in colour.

Therefore, you'll find great success using a magenta Photo Filter to combat it.

Here is my quick play with the aforementioned magenta filter, and also a bit of dodging on a dodge and burn layer:


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Interesting! I appreciate your feedback.  I've never used photo filter before.  If you have the PSD file

I would love to have a look.  Can you please explain your SOOR criteria?  I'm attaching the file w/ the

adjustments I made out of LR prepped for PS. Exposure, WB, Lens correction, camera calibration (2010 vivid).  I take the blacks down to 0 and

fill light to +20.  Default sharpening.  Let me know if this matches your SOOR.  I didn't crop!  It's as shot. 



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