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READ THIS FIRST - Posting guidelines and FAQs

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My disdain for Lightroom is well known.  I beg you to take the 30 Day Challenge and see why.

However, I have some very good friends who love Lightroom, and they'll be able to help you with your questions.

  1. Before posting, scroll down and browse the FAQs below this post, to see if they help.
  2. One question per post.  If you have various different questions, make separate threads for them.
  3. Provide as much relevant information as you can.  The more we know, the better and faster we can help.
  4. Include a screenshot of your screen, if you think it might help us diagnose your problem.
  5. Please take a moment to ensure you're in sRGB.  This is so important.
  6. No editing questions in this sub-forum.  Thanks.
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Frequently asked questions about Lightroom:

Q.  Any questions involving color spaces or color profiles.
A.  The answer is almost always sRGB.  Sort it out here.  (Note: there are four steps to take, so please make sure to do all four!)

Q.  Help!  My files are missing!  Why can't LR see them anymore?
A.  LR is a cataloging system, which gives you control over your file structure on your hard drive.  If you're going to use LR for your workflow management, you've got to USE it -- only move or rename files from within LR in the Library module, not directly on your hard drive.

If you've moved or renamed folders on your hard drive, you've broken the pathway link between your hard drive and your LR catalog.  So now you'll have to go into your LR Library module, right-click on the folder that's now "missing," and choose "Find Missing Folder."  In the dialog box that pops up, navigate to the new folder to reestablish the link to your LR catalog.

Q.  How do I help make sure that a LR glitch won't result in me losing my edits?
A.  It's IMPERATIVE that all LR users make one small settings change: make sure you have LR set to write the .xmp files separately from the catalog.  This way, if (God forbid) you lose your LR catalog data, you won't lose your work.  Details on how to make this change here.

Q.  What's the best way to send a file from LR to PS for further editing?
A.  Once you've done all your raw processing on a file in LR, the most efficient way to send it to PS for editing is the "edit in" function.  Right-click on the file, choose "Edit in," and then choose "Edit in [your version of PS/PSE]."  Once you've finished your PS editing, simply save the file (just Save, not Save As), and your newly edited master file will pop up in your LR filmstrip right next to the original raw file.  You can then use LR to manage the backend of your workflow (e.g., select just the master files and batch export to rename the files in sequential order, etc.).

Q.  My adjustment brush is leaving weird speckles.  What am I doing wrong?
A.  First, you're using an adjustment brush.  Don't!! :)More reading here on why you shouldn't use adjustment brushes in your raw processing, in either LR or ACR.  But the immediate answer to the speckling problem is that you've got "auto mask" turned on in your brush settings. 

Q.  How do I batch process files in LR?
A.  Do all the edits you'd like on your first file.  Then select this file in your filmstrip, and select the rest of the files you'd like to batch (shift+click to select a range of files; ctrl+click to select individual files).  Click "Sync" on the bottom of the right-hand panel, and then choose which sliders you'd like to sync across these files.

Q.  All my tools and panels have disappeared!
A. First, try pressing the Tab key.  If that doesn't work, try pressing the F key a number of times.  If that still doesn't work, look for the tiny triangles at the center on the edge of each side of your workspace, and click that triangle to make each panel come back up.

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