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Removing bra strap under lacy clothing


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Good morning, Damien! I have an image in which the lady is wearing a white bra under a black lacy top. I'd like to remove the white and replace it with flesh (or at least flesh tones). The only way that I can think of is to paint the white with a flesh tone and then superimpose cloned/patched skin on top of the paint. I'm hoping that there's a simpler way to do that. I have enrolled in the layers/masks class, so if the answer is there, please point me to it. Thanks, in advance for your help. Cropped image is attached for reference.

bra strap.jpg

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55 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

Do you only have this one image to deal with?  Or does this problem pop up a few times?

This problem pops up several times in this particular photo session. Most clients take me seriously when I emphasize the importance of nude-colored "foundation garments". Why? *curious*

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Just now, Damien Symonds said:

Well, I have to think about the method I suggest to you, you see?  What works for this photo might not work for another photo.

So, could you show me one or two other close-ups of the problem as well?

Aha! Absolutely, I can. Gimme a few. *humming the Jeopardy theme tune*

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I must not be doing something correctly. I cannot get the color change to affect ONLY the bra strap. I followed the instructions in the article link. The change was image wide. I've tried using the quick selection tool to create a layer with only the bra strap areas selected. No dice. The eyedropper effect is image-wide. What am I doing wrong? I'm under a time constraint and I'm beginning to panic. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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Damien, I owe you an apology.

Last Friday, when I could not make your solution work, I panicked and asked you for more help. Due to the time difference between our respective locations, I didn't see your request until late Friday night, when I was getting ready to pull an all-nighter on a different editing job. I took my temper out on you with my snippy questions, and I apologize. You did nothing to deserve that kind of treatment, and I do know better than to treat others that way. I hope that you can forgive me for my poor behavior.

In the good news department, in the process of doing the other editing job, I realized what I was doing wrong with the eye-dropper technique. Naturally, it turned out to be a simple thing. (I excel at screwing up simple things.) I am accustomed to selecting specific portions of images to which to apply adjustments.  I completely forgot that all I had to do, this time, was to switch the mask from white to black, and simply paint the flesh tones onto the areas that needed it.

I double-checked my suspicions against your Masks and Layers class, and discovered that the solution was, indeed, as simple as inverting the mask before painting.

Verily, I am a moron.

So, thank you for your help. It did do the trick, and I'm grateful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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