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painting with wacom tablet

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When I paint in PS CC, with wacom tablet, I don't seem to get a smooth gradient. Rather you can kinda see steps as I changed pressure.

This is with a brush with hardness=0.

If I paint over an area a few times, it becomes very apparent it's not natural.

What settings should I check?

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Oh gee, turn the pressure nonsense off.

If you insist on having it turned on, you'll need to go to the Brush panel (accessed via the Window menu) and play with the spacing, the smoothing, and (I think) the shape dynamics.

But seriously, turn it off.

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Yes. I found if I put spacing 1% it seems kinda OK, but with hardness 0 I can still see bands.

Look at this just 1 click. You can see the rings right? 


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OK, then 2 questions

1) When should I use the paint tools?

2) what's the best way to make an oddly shaped shadow that's not round? I was going to use a D&B layer and paint on it.

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