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match added girl to group photo

Molly B

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I took a photo today of a group of students. One student was missing. However, I had a photo of her from another day and added her to the left, back of the image (yellow shirt, dark hair). Is there a way to help her look like she belongs there (color and light)? I realize there is a little editing around her that needs to be done.


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Here's the version in the new color space. Glad I asked the original question or I might not have noticed that it was set wrong. 

The girl in the yellow in the upper left is who was added to the group.

The lighting on her head is definitely different than the lighting for the rest of the group.

I simply want to make sure she looks like she somewhat belongs.

Thank you.


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Yep. Cloning will help. 

Whew! Tons of head swaps in this image. This has been a pain in the rear.

So, so, so very relieved the color space issued came up in this.

Thanks for help, Damien.

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