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Removal of object in blurred background

Kim Fearn

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Hello, I've never removed anything from a blurred background before and it's harder than I thought, everything I have tried so far is rubbish and it would be really helpful to know for future photos which method is best here, could anyone advise me please? thank you for any help. I've attached a 100%

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Can you also post the whole photo for context?

Generally speaking, you'd want to use a very large soft brush while cloning on a new blank layer, and then mask with varying sizes of a soft brush to clean up, like this: http://www.damiensymonds.net/2010/10/role-of-masks-when-cloning.html

But it would help to see the whole photo so we could advise on whether cloning is the best method in this case. 

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apologies, I didn't think to share the photo. It's actually a blooper to show three dogs that just wouldn't sit together but I want to include it and edit properly because I know they'll find it funny. 

I find the white in the background really distracting and I've had a similar issue before so I'd like to learn how to deal with it, thanks so much for the response, I'm reading it now. 

your dogs won't sit together.jpg

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