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Recalibrating with a Spyder 4 Pro

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Hello Damien,

I just recalibrated my laptop monitor using a Spyder 4 Pro- I used the "full calibration" option and what is interesting, is it didn't do the pause to allow for brightness adjustment.  The reason I'm extra concerned about this is that I noticed that my power settings on my new laptop were varying- i.e. brighter when plugged in vs' darker (power save) when running on battery alone.   I went into the settings and modified them so that they were consistent- it was at 80 for plugged in and I originally set my calibration settings while plugged in so I assumed that made sense but ran a calibration to use the brightness "pause" to make sure that I'm in the range I mentioned. Additionally, I noticed that the last set I ordered had a few photos that were much darker than anticipated, which I'm attributing to editing while the laptop was running on battery.  Any thoughts, advice, etc. would be most appreciated!

Thanks much in advance,

Kerry Ann

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Yes!!!  That did the trick.  So weird!  The only strange thing is that my brightness really needed to be cranked up to hit 80 as a target- I don't remember that being the case before- so strange.  I'm off to compare pictures....

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