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Uh oh.... Now what?

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Hi Brian!

I haven't visited in a while because I was saving up for a new editing computer, which I finally got!  Yay!  I was so excited to get it all set up and finally get moving along again, until.....

I noticed there is no disc drive.  I recently purchased PSE15 specifically to run with this new machine, but it's the actual disc version.  All my other gadgets (Wacom tablet, Spyder), I was able to find drivers online to get them up and working.  But I don't think that's how software works.  Am I going to have to purchase a download of this program?  Or is there a download code inside the package?  I haven't opened it for fear of not being able to return it once I do. 

Also....no card reader.  I'd love a good recc there too.

Thanks so much! :)


*attached screenshot is my new toy.  This thing FLIES.  Especially compared to my ancient laptop.


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Discs are sooo early 2000's. LOL!! Everything is streaming or downloading files. Hopefully you have decent internet. Here is the downloads page for PSE:


As for a Card Reader, I usually recommend this one. Just make sure you use a "Blue" USB 3.0 Port to get the best performance. 

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Here is a tip with you new computer:

Be careful what you store on the C: Drive. You won't be able to store much, maybe just Windows and PSE and a few other odd & ends. The bulk of your software / data files should be put on the 1TB D: drive. So you can't use the easy / default way to install stuff. You will have to click "Custom" during installs and make sure things go on  the 1TB D: drive. No more next-next-next-next...ok...agree..nextnextnext...finish for you. You WILL have to be ANAL on what is installed on the C: Drive. Yes, I know SSD is fast, but you'd be surprised on just how quickly 256GB gets eaten up by stuff.

Have fun with your new toy.

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Thank you so much for replying.  Sorry I haven't responded.  Got bogged down with life stuff and had to put all this install stuff on hold for a bit.  But, I'm back!  Ha!
The OS (Win10) came pre-installed on C.  I put PSE on C.  That's all I want on there.  However, when I tried to install my calibrator (SpyderPro4), it went to C also.  I've tried to figure out how to change it to D, but must be missing a step somewhere.  Any suggestions there?  I didn't see the "Custom" option during the Wizard, probably because I had to dL the program from DataColor website.  I know I have the DataColor disc somewhere, but haven't been able to lay hands on it yet.  Should I stress about having my Spyder on C?
Thanks again! :)

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The Spyder Software doesn't take up that much room, so it shouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things. As for software installation, it varies. Sometimes it's labeled as "Custom / Customized," other times it's "Advanced" or a similar term. 

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