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ACR: Adobe camera raw (the raw processing plug-in that comes with Photoshop and Elements)

CA: Chromatic aberration: a type of distortion in which there is a failure of a lens to focus all colors to the same convergence point. "The purple fringe"

CC: 1. (Adobe) Creative Cloud or 2. Constructive criticism

CMYK: Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black (the colours of ink from which all other colours are printed)  (K is black because B was already taken for Blue. Also it used to be called the "key" colour.)

CR2: Canon raw format

CS6(/5/4/3/2/etc):  Creative Suite 6.  Strictly speaking, this refers to the whole Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator, etc).  But mostly, in this group, when we say "CS6", we're just talking about Photoshop.

DNG: Digital Negative (a generic raw file format)

DOF: Depth of field

DPP: Digital Photo Professional (Canon's raw processing software)

DR: Dynamic Range

ETTL: Expose to the left

ETTL (flash): Evaluative-Through The Lens (auto)

ETTR: Expose to the right

HDR: High Dynamic Range

JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group (named after the organisation who made it - compressed file format; the most common image format in the world)

LR: Lightroom

NEF: Nikon raw format 

NR: Noise Reduction / Removal

OOC/SOOC: Out Of Camera / Straight out of Camera (as in straight out of camera with no processing) (Only applies to jpegs. Cannot, by its nature, refer to raw files, which always need at least some processing in order to be viewed).

OOF: Out of focus

PP: Post-processing

PS: Photoshop 

PSD: Photoshop Document (the all-encompassing file format - layers, channels, high-bit, etc)

PSE: Photoshop Elements

RGB: Red/Green/Blue (the colours of light from which all other colours are made) (The three colour channels which make up all digital images)

SOOC: Straight out of camera 

SOOR: Straight out of raw - a file that has only clean raw edits done, no Photoshop work as yet

sRGB: standard RGB colour space, used on monitors, printers and web browsers.

SS:  shutter speed

TIFF: Tagged Image File Format (similar format to PSD, but not specific to Adobe)

WB: White balance

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