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Best anti-virus program?

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Free? If you are running Windows 10, believe it or not...Windows Defender. You download it and the updates via Windows Update as it's part of Windows. For older versions of Windows, I think it was a part of Microsoft Security Essentials.

Paid? I'm recommending Webroot these days.

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Oh, one thing about Webroot, it can get a little hyper. It sometimes has the mentality of "EVERYTHING IS A VIRUS!!! TROJANS ARE ALL THE THINGS!!!! DENY-DENY-DENY!!!!" LOL.

Man, does it do its job very well. Sometimes a little too much and you have to tell it to play nice with your software programs that are legit.

For example, I have a client that has a simple Terminal Program to access their Unix server. I double clicked on the installer and "Poof" Webroot shot it down. It was like a sharpshooter yelling "PULL!!" and shooting a Clay Target out of the sky. Only after temporarily disabling Webroot will it install. LOL!!

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