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I have been approached by a friend to photograph her hand made jewellery for her website. She wants a pure white background, and no matter how much I over expose the white, it istill has a colour tinge. Is there a way to make it pure white in Photoshop? (the attached image is SOCC)


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5 minutes ago, Anna-Lena Ström McGrath said:

Can you post a SOOR instead of "SOOC" for Damien?  Raw edits done, but no photoshopping?

This is my first time posting, the image has been converted to jpeg from the raw file, no editing at all. What is the difference between SOOR and SOOC

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16 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Please don't condemn yourself to the hours and hours and hours of editing this would involve.

Get it white in camera.  Maybe this will involve putting the jewellery on a light box?  I'm not sure.

Thank you, I am still trying - with slightly better results:


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