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Help with Microsoft Office

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I just purchased a new HP Pavilion laptop and the Microsoft Office trial version has only lasted for a week. Do you know any websites wherein I can download MS Office for free? I really need words, excel and powerpoint to do my freelance writing job. I am hoping that you can help me with my concern. Thanks in advance. 

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No.  And don't go searching, because you're as likely to find viruses as anything else.

Software for a job is an investment.  Office isn't all that expensive.

You wouldn't like if it people shared your writings without paying you for them; it's only fair to give Microsoft the same courtesy.

However, if you REALLY won't buy it, Open Office is a well-regarded free alternative.

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I won't give out any instructions on how to pirate software. Sorry. 

Since you are writing professionally, you will either have to subscribe to Office 365 for $9.99 a month or purchase MS Office Home & Business for around $229.99. Believe it or not, that is A LOT cheaper than it was back in the 1990's. (Around $500-$600 back then.) 

This is the cost of doing business. I agree with Damien, getting Office for "free" is like asking you to write for "Exposure," or "Passion." Or having your work ripped off with no compensation or credit. It's all the same thing and it's the reason why things are headed towards a "leased" software model, because of all the "free" copies MS Office, Photoshop, etc. that exist in the world.


This purchase should be tax deductible if you claim your freelance income on your return.  The alternative is to register (purchase) the existing MS Office that you have, often it's at a discounted rate. There should be a screen with instructions when you open your MS Office. 

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