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Hi Damien, I recently switched computers, just from iMac to a new iMac but also upgraded to photoshop cc, I am having big color issues with my images, what I see on the screen is not what comes out in print, and when I share on my blog the colors are totally off, I am a little confused as to what settings I should have for the color, and do I do that in Bridge or Photoshop, do you have any good reads on this issue? I have read several articles but I'm a bit confused and overwhelmed by all the info! with RGB | SRGB not sure what I should have it set for.

I just calibrated my new iMac monitor with the rite colormunki, not sure if that will make a difference with the issue I'm having, but I had to do it anyway.

To make it short, how to I save my images for web so they look sharp and with the same color I see in photoshop/acr?


Thanks so much!

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Im waiting for a new set of prints from the lab, arriving today, to see if I fixed that problem.

I am having issues mostly with the colors when I upload to prophoto blog, not sure if I should change anything in the color settings, mine is set to srgb in photoshop, or if I should be saving my images differently, I resize for web and do File/save as in a jpg format, am I doing something wrong? The colors look so different in pro photo than my original photos.


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