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RAW not supported - but camera is on list

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I didn't see this question so I'm going to post. Yesterday I used the Canon T6 I had just gotten to try out. I downloaded the images but when I tried to upload to Lightroom it says they aren't supported by Lightroom. I had checked in advance that the camera was supported. My Lightroom is the latest version & subscription keeps it updated. (I even double checked on my own for updates). Plenty of storage on my computer & HD. Tried moving files to Computer, still not reading in Lightroom. To check the validity of the images & ability to share I emailed a few to myself. They attached just fine as Google docs & even downloaded from the email. Got Bridge but Bridge doesn't recognize them either. They are saving as CR2 files. When I looked that up I found on a Canon site that they may have to be converted to TIFF. If this is so, I don't know how to convert them. Help, Please?? 

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