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How do you add gradients together?

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If I want to blend a few gradients together, I would think of this:





With the masks supposedly cancelling each other it should be a blend of 1 into 2.

But it doesn't seem to do that in real life. You get bands forming in the middle part.

How would I make an uneven gradient?

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argh I pasted in and it looked fine but it doesn't save....

I mean I'd make layers like this, with a gradient in the mask going opposite directions, or even circular gradients in the mask.


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I' m creating a blank wall which has different lights faling on it. It may have 1 gradient going up and down, but also light falloff going from L-R. And faint hotspots that may be from downlights.

It only needs to be monochrome.

Or sometimes I'm trying to blend a fake wall with a real like your extending bg tutorial.

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Definitely DON'T use gradients on the masks.  The masks must remain all white.

Use as many gradient layers as you need.  Maybe you'll wish to put them on a blend mode, such as "Multiply" or "Screen", but in some cases "Normal" mode will be fine.

Make sure you make good use of transparency in the gradients.

I want to help you more, I really do, but I need to see what you have in mind.

DO NOT USE MASKS.  I can't stress this enough.

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Yes full wall in this case. I've masked out the subject on another layer. Putting a wall underneath, and a noise layer.

But in some cases I have no transparency in the gradients . If I'm copying colors around the L & R of a subject, which are different because of the light positions, both bgs are a vertical gradient in that case.

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