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Correcting eye distortion from glasses

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RE: http://www.damiensymonds.net/2015/10/correcting-eyes-distorted-by-glasses.html

Hey Damien!

Like the new forum! Found the above article on your site, and it seemed to be exactly what I needed, except, the results are not quite there.

I followed this tutorial step by step, and have a couple questions:

1. Am I to mask only the area inside the rim of the glasses, or should the glass rims get enlarged too?

2. Does the eye also get enlarged? Because it looks odd.

Original image:



Converted to smart object, put the center point along nose, transformed to bring out edge of face to match outside the rims,


masked inside the rims only. Her left, lazy eye looks ginormous and odd, but masking anything else did, too!


Please help. :)





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20 minutes ago, aimeewphoto said:

Trying now. To confirm, I mask everything inside the rim of her glasses, correct?


4 minutes ago, aimeewphoto said:

Ugh. Not really working either. :( It just makes her eye look way too big. I guess her head is turned too far for this to be fully corrected, perhaps?

No, I don't agree.  The fix you posted looked perfectly fine to me.

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