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How to remove female facial hair?

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 I was wondering if some of you know a good technique in Lightroom to remove female facial hair (thin, fine mustache and hair on neck and close to ears)

I have to do it in a quick way (almost like in batch process) because the photos are for an online shop. Hundreds of model portrait close ups. If I smooth the skin, the stained skin (with previous color hair) still remains.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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My foolproof LR method for this kind of editing is usually to send it over to PS. ;)  And honestly, with targeted edits like this, batch editing in a raw processor isn't going to save you any time, since you'd have to move and refine the adjustment brush strokes for each file anyways. 

But if you're set on trying to do this in LR, I would probably try an adjustment brush (making sure, of course, that the auto-mask box is unchecked), and play with the exposure, shadows, blacks, clarity, and even temp/tint/color sliders until you get something that works.  Then you could sync the brush adjustments across the files, and then go in and refine the placement and shape of the brush strokes on each file. 

Which, again, really wouldn't save much time.  PS would be much better at fixing this, and you could duplicate those fix layers across the files to make it faster to fix each one. 

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