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Datacolor Offer for Spyder 5 Elite

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I think my trusty old Sypder3 is still working fine, but with this offer, I could upgrade to the Spyder5Elite for $139.

Does the Spyder5Elite offer significant enough advantages over the older technology that I should take advantage of the offer while my Spyder3 is still doing its job? I know the Spider3 will eventually fail, but I would rather spend that money on prints and kick the purchase of a new calibrator down the road if I can reasonably do so.




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My screen is only three or four years old. I bought it based on your recommendations I found on your website. It's the NEC MultiSync EA 234WMi, an IPS screen.

That was not the response I expected, Damien. Now I will seriously consider getting the new calibrator. Thanks!

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