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Sharpening for fb

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So Damien I have had a bit of a look on some other threads. Can I just get you to check I'm doing this right.

Flattened image

selected crop tool 

Width at 960px length and resolution blank

then cropped

then I sharpened to 150-0.3-0

I found the other setting of 500-0.2-0 wasn't strong enough

Then i went to save for web and selected png-24


Is this correct sorry was a little lost

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Yes, it is.  Facebook only honours PNG files that are under 1 megabyte.  Anything larger than that, it automatically converts it to a Jpeg file, and NOT kindly.  It seems to apply nasty compression to it.

Therefore, you're much better to save it as a Jpeg file yourself, if you see that your PNG is going to be over 1MB.

When saving Jpegs for Facebook, I use 90 on the 0-100 quality scale, or 11 on the 0-12 scale.

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21 minutes ago, Falon said:

Do i just go to save as or would i still go through the save for web I've never used the save for web before 

It makes absolutely no difference to the resultant file.  It's simply a matter of your workflow preference.

9 minutes ago, Falon said:

Also I have applied this to one of my images and it looks really blotchy when opened up on my mac screen but the other image looks amazing why is this? 

In what program?

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Damien i sent this one through messenger on fb and it looks terrible she wanted to see them through that first. Is that why it would look horrible in msger

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Sorry its all good its the fb business app doing something weird. When I go into Facebook via the safari app on my phone, then to my business page messages they look fine :) 

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