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MS OneDrive is making me crazy!!!

Lori G

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Hi Brian!
I'm running an AlienWare Alpha R2, with 1tb hd and 256 ssd, and use PSE14 to edit.  This computer came loaded with all sort of MS software that so far, I've managed to work with.  However, the last batch of raws I uploaded went to OneDrive for some crazy reason (I wasn't paying attention?), and now OneDrive says it's out of space and won't let me save more files.  Evidently, I get 5gb free, but anymore than that costs money.  I already have other cloud space that I use, so I don't need my files going to this blasted thing!   I've tried moving the whole folder to my hd, but the route keeps showing the files in OneDrive.  This is making me CRAZY!!!  I've looked in the Properties box to see if I could change the route to D drive, but I can't figure it out.  Help???
Lori G.

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I finally figured it out!  Only took me all stinking day.  I'm a doofus.  Never mind.
And, I'll be more careful where my files go next time.  That was a PitA.

Thanks, Brian.  :)

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