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I shoot raw on a Sony A7rii,  so acr is great.   BUT,  heading to a friends they don't use acr which means i need to convert to DNG for DXO 10 i think.

It seems to embed lots of settings,  is dng any good or not.... Sounds like raw and side car but dng had it all built in. 

Implications when i very back to photoshop... Suggested workflow? 


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So reading between the lines.. Get  another few storage cards,  and wait until i get  back.

I assume dng isn't what it makes out to be then.    But at least i keep my raw file intact if it creates a dng file. 

Although how can software companies call it raw editor of you can't keep the same format.   Really now nothing of dng,  other than used in loading colour calibrations..

Thoughts ...

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DNG is absolutely fine.  You're worrying about the wrong thing.  In and of itself, DNG isn't your problem here.

Your problem is that Adobe software won't recognise the edits that you made in DXO.  So you'd need to export as jpegs from DXO in order to bring them home, and I bet you don't want to do that.

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