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Raw files missing, only .xmp files remain?

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I had a bunch of RAW files in a folder.  I rated them, deleted the unwanted RAW files, edited the files I rated using ACR, and saved them as jpgs (in another folder) right from ACR.  I then closed ACR out and went back to bridge.  A few days later I was copying over some new files.  When I went back into bridge I clicked on that old folder and realize all my RAW files are gone from the original RAW folder however the xmp files are still there?  What the heck happened?  It is possible that one of my kids hit something (delete button) on the keyboard since I did leave Bridge open.  However, I've never had that happen before and usually that requires a second click if you are deleting a bunch of files at once.  I find it hard to believe one of my kids was able to do that.  Of course I had already emptied my trash before I realized they were missing.  This has never happened before. 

I have the resulting jpgs still and these files aren't a huge deal if they're lost.  But I just wanted to know if others have had this happen or if there's something I'm missing.  I did make sure I cleared all filters and it does say there are only hidden files in this folder (the xmp files).



Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.05.32 PM.png

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I fully realize my raw files are gone but I'm completely confused as to how that happened and I really don't want it to happen again.  This was the first time in a while that I did some batch editing and final exporting of all the files in ACR (just because the shots were snapshots of a family event, thankfully).  So I'm just nervous this could happen again unless I figure out what the heck I did.  I don't feel like I did anything differently.  After I was done with all the RAW processing, I selected them all, opened them in ACR so I could save them all as jpgs right out of ACR. 

But if no one else has had this happen unknowningly then obviously I must have deleted them by accident when getting rid of other unwanted RAW files.  I'm just usually very careful about only selecting unrated files to delete.  Anything that's rated, doesn't get selected and therefore doesn't get deleted.  Obviously I really screwed up this time.  Guess I need to double check that all the files are still there before emptying the trash next time.

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