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Glasses Glare


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First of all, I'd say you'll need to repair the camera-left eye.  This will be a whole tricky combination of:

  • Handyman method for the wire mesh pattern on the outside
  • Copying (but not flipping) the pupil and catchlight from the other eye
  • Copying and flipping the lashes (or maybe just cloning) and also the inside area near the nose
  • Cloning the skin under the eye

THEN, once that eye is completely repaired, copy and flip the whole thing and try to use it to replace the big glare area on the camera-right side.

It's extra tricky because the glasses aren't sitting evenly on his eyes, of course.  So there will be plenty of cloning involved too.

In short, it's a time-consuming nightmare.

After doing the repair on the camera-right side, if you feel it's a bit dodgy (and heck, it probably will be) don't be afraid to lower the opacity of your work to allow some of the original glare to remain.  It's natural, after all.

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Wow, thanks for breaking it down for me. I'm going to leave as is for now and perhaps come back to it some other day when I have more time to dedicate to experimenting.


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