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I know I'm setting myself up for a lambasting here ....

I know what you’re thinking …

“But I need to crop away some dead space!”  No.
“I have to crop to the Rule of Thirds!”  No.
“Shouldn’t I remove that …”  No.
“What about …”  No.
“But …”  NO.

but .... I can't help but ask

When you wrote that article did PS have the option to unclick "delete cropped pixels"?

And if it didn't, now that we have the option to non-destructively crop could it now be included as part of the editing workflow especially if we used the 11x15 ratios?

(puts on protective gear and sits back to wait)


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lol ok

I was just wondering because if the case for not cropping was only because the pixels were lost, then if you don't actually delete the pixels doesn't that remove that problem.  But maybe not clicking 'delete pixels' does something else that I'm not aware of.

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