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CF says corrupt/can't download images off of new card

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I got a new memory card, formatted it, went and did a shoot. Looked at the images on my camera and all were there. I took the card out and went to download the images last night and then I got the message on my computer (second images). So I then went and tried putting the card in the camera to see what was going on and got this message shown on the first image. PLEASE help me figure out how to get these images off the computer.



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1 hour ago, Damien Symonds said:

Hi Carol, did you format the card in your camera, or in your computer?

I formatted the card in my camera. I did download a program that saved the images on there. Thank you so much for the assistance!



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How large is this memory card? Does your camera have the latest firmware version? I know in some Canon bodies, you had to update the firmware for it to play nice with some cards. Just a thought. 

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