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After reading, comparing calibrators

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Hello! I've read all recommend articles as well as Spyder and X-Rite product info from the sites. I'm stuck between the top and mid-tier products. It seems the main difference between the elite and pro, for instance, is the number of calibration options. But I'm not totally clear on what this means in relation to what I need, especially considering price. I'm happy to spend more, but looking to be educated on why.

I edit on a MacBook Pro with retina and my test prints are pretty darn accurate without calibration. 

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The main difference between the Spyder5 Pro and Spyder5 Elite is the software. The hardware calibration device between the two is the same. In fact, you can turn a Spyder "Pro" into a Spyder "Elite" by purchasing the $99 software upgrade. That said, it's cheaper in the long run if you bought the Spyder5 Elite to begin with.

The biggest difference with the software, is that the Elite has ALL of the bells and whistles turned on. It's not limited in anyway, all the features are available. In addition, a Spyder Elite has a better time in calibrating multiple displays, so if you are running a Windows computer with dual 24" displays and really want to get them matching as close as possible, then be sure to purchase the Elite. If you are just running a normal single display, chances are the "Pro" is fine.

Edit: Since you are running a MacBook Pro, those "Elite" features will not be available to you. The only thing you can adjust is brightness. So as a Mac user myself, the Spyder5 Pro is fine.

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