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Accidentally shot in JPEG

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I completely screwed up. I've been having some issues with my Mark IV and packed it up last week to send into Canon. I started using my Mark III on Fri. I haven't used it since I last sent it into Canon for servicing. Apparently they reset all of the settings and I didn't think to check. I just pulled all of the sessions off the camera that I've done since Fri. A newborn session, a full family session, and 6 minis. All shot in jpeg. Not just jpeg but medium size jpeg. They're 72 ppi, 2.3 MB, 2560x3840. How big are people going to be able to print these? Is the quality going to be complete crap? Someone suggested I use a program called Perfect Resize.  Any feedback on this?

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2560x3840 is 9.8 megapixels.  So as long as they're well-focused, and don't require very much cropping at all, you'll be fine.


27 minutes ago, MaryHu said:

Someone suggested I use a program called Perfect Resize.

Do NOT use this shit.  Photoshop does a perfectly good job.

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So so.  The ones I nailed in camera or slightly underexposed turned out great.  If any were overexposed at all or the white balance was off they were harder to get to my liking.  I never want to edit a jpeg file again! I picked a couple to print as 11x14 as a test and they looked perfect.  Thanks so much for calming my nerves1

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