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What type of monitor is the new Apple Imac 5K?

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G'day Damian,

Just about to calibrate my my Imac 27 inch, is this correct that it is "White LED" selection for the display? Cheers

Retina 5K display

27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5K display
5120‑by‑2880 resolution with support for 1 billion colours
500 nits brightness
Wide colour (P3)

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Apple have said that from the options listed in your Calibration instructions for the X-Rite - That any of the new 4K and 5K retina models are a Wide Colour Gamutt P3.

White LED ( Backlit) will be for printing and graphics as they produce a better colour reproduction.

RGB Display is OLED and is used for watching movies as they have a high contrast ratio.

So based on this I am going to select the Wide Gamut CCFL option....as the Technology Type menu (5). 



  • CCFL: This basically means ” not LED”. Most older LCD screens will be CCFL, but newer ones are likely to be LED instead.
  • Wide Gamut CCFL: If you bought a wide-gamut screen, you’ll remember, because your wallet is probably still hurting. Most laptop and Mac screens are normal gamut, but check your paperwork if you’re not sure.
    (Please don’t mix up wide gamut with wide format. Wide format screens are … y’know, wide. 16:9 shape, or whatever. “Wide Gamut” refers to the range of colours they can show. If the salesman boasted to you about a “110% gamut” or “Adobe RGB gamut” screen, it means wide-gamut.)
  • White LED: This is the most common type of modern screens. If you know your screen is LED, it’s almost certainly white LED.
  • RGB LED: RGB LED screens are still pretty expensive and rare. If you’ve paid top dollar for one of these, you probably won’t be using the ColorMunki to calibrate it, to be honest.
  • Projector: This tutorial doesn’t cover projector calibration, sorry.
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