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Error in my display driver


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So I got  the message that "Photoshop detected an error in my display driver.  Update or reinstall the driver".  How do I do that?  I am using a desktop with Yosemite 10.10.5.  I just upgraded to creative cloud ps so maybe my driver is to outdated for the new program????  I appreciate any advice.  Thank you!!! 

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Apple controls the drivers and that's built into the Operating System. The only way you will get new drivers, and there is no guarantee that the updates drivers will make PS happy, is to upgrade to the latest Mac OS, High Sierra. 

Of course doing that could open up a whole can of other issues and PS still might not be 100% happy. So you'll really need to weigh the pros and cons updating to High Sierra. In reality, the best chance of being able to use all the bells and whistles in the latest PS CC is to have a new Mac with the best / upgraded video card option installed for that model...and there is still no guarantee that PS will be satisfied. LOL. 

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