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B & W conversion and after

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So found the conversion after downloading but my screen doesnt look like yours that is my Histogram doesnt have a scale on it nor can i figure out how the panel on the right and layout of it. Here is an image of what i currently have up...what have i missed here? What do i need to go back a review so that i have the same details and tools on display?


your screen view image.thumb.png.0668400e3b2a7bf7352a816118e2c71f.pngmy screen view image.thumb.png.89f3795aaf59925889061c62a4ec4847.pngimage.thumb.png.1c492f16e45c55f1745a25545c50ebd2.png

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Yes I did. But struggling to get the panel layout quite right and histogram on my elements 12 doesn't seem to have the sliders for adjustments like yours. Also going through the masking section again is doing my head in. I just don' t get it yet. So getting a bit frustrated with it all

Hope party was awesome by the way

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I will double check when I get a chance this week. Im getting confused as was doing levels class then realised I needed to go back and do layers and mask class to sort out that panel thingy. But I'm looking for the histogram thingy for the levels class..so is this different in layers to levels editing?

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