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Head swap problem

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Hi Damien and admin, I have done a head swap on this image and even when I mask off the bits I dont want, they dont 100% disappear.... whats up with that?? I have drawn a hideous brown arrow next to where you can see the new layer sitting on the original layer. Mode is Normal, 100% opacity and flow, black brush, mask is selected. Thanks for your help :-) 

head swap.JPG

whole screen.JPG

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Hi Sarah, you've chopped off the important bits of your screenshot, unfortunately.

Usually this happens if your swatch (at the bottom of the toolbar) isn't exactly black.  Press D then X to make sure it is.

By the way, you have the dubious honour of being the first person to have asked a question which is already covered in the FAQs on this new forum :D:D:D

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