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Photoshop CS6 Hard Copy

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I was surprised to find a hard copy of Photoshop CS6 as I thought PS was only available through cloud.  Since I no longer require LR (I know, that's a VERY bad word on this site, Lol!)  I am considering letting go of my yearly photography plan and seriously considering the purchase of the PS hard copy:   


What are your thoughts Damien?  Is this a good idea? More money upfront but it will save me money over time.  The reason I ask, I had purchased a hard copy of LR6 last spring, and when I went to download it kept flipping to my LR CC 2015 account. I was fortunate to return the program and work off of my CC account.  Just wondering if I will have the same problem with the PS hard copy and be money out forcing me back to my CC copy of PS.    



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If people ever ask me: "I already own Photoshop CS5/CS6, should I upgrade to CC?" I always shout "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I tell them that they shouldn't start paying a monthly fee for something they already own outright.

But in your case, no, I wouldn't take a step backwards.

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