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Dell monitor U2412M changed color

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Hey Brian -

I calibrated my monitor as usual last night and everything was fine. When I turned on my computer on this morning, everythng was fine. All of a sudden though, everything turned magenta! Not sure if I did anything to it or it just happened. This was a replacement monitor after the original I had gotten about three years ago was not calibrating correctly so Dell sent me a refurbished one. Hoping it's nothing serious or permanent and that maybe you'll have some insight. Thanks!


magenta bridge.JPG

magenta desktop.JPG

magenta firefox.JPG

magenta photoshop.JPG

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If you are using the 15-pin Blue VGA cable, that's more than likely the culprit. I will bet if you wiggle that cable ends, the colors will change back.

If you are using that cable and have access to a HDMI port or DVI-D port, use one of those instead. The traditional cable that everyone is used to dates from 1989, it was never meant for today's fancy flat screen displays. Those VGA Cables only were meant for 20" CRT (Tube) Displays.

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Well, if it's flaking out and changing colors on you and you are using a DVI cable, I'm leaning more towards something wrong in the display. Either the panel is starting to go on you or a power supply / inverter is flaky. OR the cable is the cause of the issue. So if it starts going nuts on you, wiggle the cable, pull the PC out from under your desk and reseat the cable at both ends. If the problem persists, you might be looking at a new monitor.

That's my best guess at this point.

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