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Help with Creating an Action

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Hi D


Please can you help me? I am making an action that creates blur around the edges of a newborn picture (it softens the blanket on the beanbag)

I record the following steps:

Duplicate layer - use the marquee tool to select around the edges, feather to 250pixels and invert

Then gaussian blur 250 pixels.


I need the action to stop before I choose the marquee tool and for it to tell me to choose the marquee tool so I can make it different as each picture is different and then I would need to hit play again.

I hope that makes sense

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Sorry, I've never found a way.  You would have to make it as two separate actions ... eg F3 duplicates the layer then chooses the Marquee Tool for you.  Then you do your selection.  Then you hit F4 to run the second action to do the feathering and blurring.

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I am completely flabbergasted that you're even considering this.  Blurred vignetting is every bit as bad as selective coloring.  No self-respecting photographer should be considering it.

The notion that an award-winning baby photographer would even use this method once is astonishing.  The notion that you would be considering using it so much that you need an action for it is sickening.

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